Free services
MegaTeams has been is a FREE team building system since 1995. Register and invite your friends to join your team.
Promote your business opportunities to our members and increase exposure by helping us build larger teams.

Paid services
Mega offers additional benefits when services are paid. Text links, Classifieds receive more exposure and the opportunity to accumulate earnings is activated.
Additional help is given to grow a work team. Yearly memberships are OPTIONAL and allow members who pay this membership to generate additional earnings

Mega presents all members who pay for services the opportunity to also accumulate shared earnings in the form of credits from the sales of the same services which these members pay for.

Free members who help Mega generate sales can earn credits which can be used to obtain paid services. ALL earnings are generated from yearly memberships and service sales.
Earned credits can be used internally to pay for any service including yearly membership. Accumulated credits of $20 or more can be cashed out. This limitation is to reduce administration and eliminate unecessary fees. Any deposited credit can be cashed out regardless of the amount as long as it is not spent in the system.

Refund policy
All money paid to Mega through external services are turned into credits to be used in the system.
FULL REFUND of funds deposited is possible as long as these funds are not spent in the system. Portions not spent are also refundable. Funds/credits spent in the system generate shared profits for other members immediately and are therefore NOT refundable.

Members responsibility
Mega is a contacts service. All members are responsible for the maintaining an active account. A valid email address is mandatory. If you can not be reached via email, your account will go into dormant mode. Accounts dormant or abandoned more than 6 months may be permanently eliminated.

All payments into Mega are manually verified before being credited (within 72 hours).
All accounts are monitored and all activity recorded.
Withdrawal requests are verified and honored also within 72 hours.
Only trusted payment systems are used to prevent fraud.

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